Mayo College of Further Education and Training (MCFET) is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded a significant Erasmus+ grant of €625,316. This latest achievement marks another milestone in the college’s commitment to providing exceptional Erasmus+ opportunities for its students. With this funding, MCFET’s total awarded funds soar to an impressive €2.1 million over the past eight years, underscoring its dedication to excellence in education.

The newly secured funding will enable MCFET to further enhance its Erasmus+ programme incorporating vocational training periods ranging from three weeks to three months abroad for enrolled students. Leveraging the college’s successful track record and established partnerships, students will have the opportunity to gain valuable international experience while honing their vocational skills.

MCFET has cultivated productive relationships with numerous colleges and companies across Europe and beyond. Partner vocational colleges in Iceland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, and France, along with businesses in Portugal, Germany, Malta, and Cyprus, eagerly welcome MCFET students each year.

These collaborations facilitate the exchange of knowledge, skills, and cultural experiences, enriching the educational journey of students and supporting their personal growth and independence.

There are Erasmus+ placements available on all 60 courses on offer in Mayo College. During the 2023/2024 academic year, 126 students participated in MCFET’s three-week placement program, representing various subject areas. Additionally, four students seized the opportunity to undertake three-month summer placements in Portugal and New Zealand, broadening their horizons and expanding their skill sets.

In reciprocity, over 70 students from across Europe have engaged in work placements ranging from four weeks to three months in Mayo, contributing to local businesses and addressing gaps in employee shortages. Furthermore, staff from colleges in Spain, Norway, Finland, Estonia, and France have visited local businesses and MCFET, shadowing teachers and sharing best practices over the past year.

“This funding represents a significant endorsement of Mayo College of Further Education and Training’s dedication to providing students with enriching educational experiences both at home and abroad,” said Michael Murphy, Principal at MCFET.

The Erasmus+ coordinator Eithne O’Malley stated “We are immensely grateful for the continued support of our partners and stakeholders, and we remain committed to empowering our students to develop transversal skills to succeed in an increasingly globalised world.”

With this latest funding boost, MCFET looks forward to further expanding its international partnerships and providing students with transformative educational opportunities that prepare them for success in the workforce and beyond.

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