Information Management

Information Management

Following the amalgamation of three former VECs and the two training centres, MSLETB is still operating a number of inherited legacy management information systems. MSLETB’s FET Strategic Framework; Goal 4, documents a commitment to ‘develop and install a ‘fit-­for-purpose’ data infrastructure to support FET policy and provision. Systems that are currently in place include the PLSS (Programme Learner Support System), The National Course Calendar and the National Programme Database.

Data Analysis

A number of data management systems provide MSLETB with a significant supply of data from which to process information to inform operational decision-making. The potential of these data sources is not currently fully exploited to support and inform planning, monitoring and review of FET provision. MSLETB continues it work towards achieving a single integrated MIS that provides comprehensive, reliable and timely information for planning, operational decision-making, ongoing monitoring and review and the provision of reports to SOLAS, the DES and other agencies.

Data Protection

Data protection policies, in line with legislation are in place MSLETB. Only named and authorised personnel have access to data and only for the purposes of entering data or reporting at local centre level or centrally within MSLETB. A record of authorised personnel is retained at ETB Head Office and is reviewed and updated periodically.

Please click here for information on MSLETB’s Data Protection policies.

Freedom of Information

MSLETB has developed a Freedom of Information Policy, and learners are informed of their right to request any data pertaining to them.

To access information on MSLETB’s Freedom of Information Policy, click here.

MSLETB has prepared and published a Publication Scheme concerning the information of MSLETB in conformity with a Model and Guidelines made by the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform under Section 8 of the Freedom of Information Act, 2004. To find out more about MSLETB’s Publication Scheme, click here.

Other initiatives to ensure the security of learner data include:

  • Sensitive Data Policy and Procedure – currently being rolled out in order to ensure the consistent treatment of personal sensitive data across all provisions in MSLETB.
  • Child and Vulnerable Adults Training – training was undertaken by key staff in order to develop skills necessary for to ensure the safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults accessing MSLETB services.

Learner assessment evidence, IV, EA and RAP report are retained in line with MSLETB’s Record Retention Schedule.

MSLETB has data impact statement in place for PLSS, which learners are required to sign as part of the learner induction process. This statement informs the learners on how personal data is used by the Board and with whom it may be shared.

For a full list of MSLETB policies, please click here.

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