Customer Service

Customer Service

MSLETB is committed to delivering quality services, being proactive to the needs of our community, being professional in all our practices and working in a collaborative manner to maximise the value of service we provide to our customers.

Our Internal Customers

  • Administrative Staff & Teaching Staff
  • Cleaning Staff & Maintenance Staff
  • Board Members
  • All other staff in the employment of MSLETB

Our External Customers

  • Students and / or their parents / guardians
  • Adult learners
  • Communities throughout the region
  • Young people and youth workers
  • Government Departments & other Agencies and Bodies with whom MSLETB communicates

Our Customer Service Charter outlines our commitment to providing services to our customers in accordance with the Twelve Principals of Quality Customer Service for Customers and Clients of the Public Service. It further defines our service standard and informs customers of contact and feedback mechanisms.

The Customer Service Charter is supported by our Customer Action Plan which describes in detail how the commitments and standards set out in the Customer Charter will be delivered and evaluated by MSLETB.

The Customer Service Charter and Customer Action Plan are both available in Irish:

How to Contact us

How to submit Comments and Complaints

  • Contact Customer Service at Head Office MSLETB.
  • All comments / complaints must be in writing by post, by email or via our website.
  • Customer comments on any aspect of our service will be welcomed.
  • Customers who are not satisfied with our service have the right to complain.
  • Any complaints to MSLETB will be viewed with impartiality and dealt with promptly.
  • If you are not satisfied with the response to your complaint, contact the Head of Corporate Services to seek further recourse. If you are not satisfied with the response from the Head of Corporate Services, you may appeal the response to the Ombudsman.
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