Provision and use of Public Information

Provision and Use of Public Information

The MSLETB website provides a range of clear, up-to-date and accessible public information relating to MSLETB and the services it provides.

In particular, the MSLETB website publishes information under the FOI Publication Scheme. This scheme is designed to facilitate the provision of information to the greatest extent possible, except for information exempted under the Act and, in preparing, reviewing or revising a Publication Scheme, MSLETB has regard to the public interest in:

  1. allowing public access to information held by the FOI body;
  2. the publication of reasons for decisions made by the FOI body; and
  3. publishing information of relevance or interest to the general public in relation to its activities and functions generally.

Information published under the scheme is regularly reviewed and updated by members of the Corporate Services team. To find out more about MSLETB’s FOI Publication Scheme, please click here.

FET centres maintain information on their own websites. A full list of centres and their websites can be found here.

Information relating to available education and training programmes delivered by MSLETB is available through the Further Education and Training Course Hub (FETCH).

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