Self Evaluation and Monitoring

Self-Evaluation and Monitoring

All programmes offered by MSLETB centres are reviewed on completion. Feedback is sought from learners and staff on assessment loads, assessment methods, programme resources and programme delivery. End of programme review also provides the opportunity to evaluate the continued relevance of programme module options and often results in two different types of recommendations:

  • Recommendations that are the responsibility of the centre to action e.g., extra resources required for delivery.
  • Recommendations that are the responsibility of the FET Leaders and PLC Principals Group e.g. making amendments to programme descriptors.

Currently, courses are monitored at centre-level with mid-course and end-of-course evaluations. This allows issues to be identified quickly and to be acted upon, and further supports to be put into place, should these be necessary. Internal Verification processes provide an opportunity to monitor the assessment processes, while the External Authentication and the Results Approval Panel (RAP) meeting provide opportunities for the monitoring of results and issues arising from that particular assessment period. RAP reports are reviewed in collated form by the QA Group, which facilitates the identification of long-term trends.

MSLETB has completed an Executive Self-Evaluation of the entire organisation and a report outlining the results of that self-evaluation is available here.

A Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) was produced from the recommendations of the Executive Self-Evaluation report. The plan is for the period February 2018 to March 2019. The plan is available here.

The 2019 Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) has been agreed and is available here.