Board Members

Our Board Members

MSLETB is governed by a Board consisting of 21 members. Reporting to the Board, the CE is the Accounting Officer for MSLETB and holds responsibility for the executive management of the organisation. In line with the governing legislation, the Board has established a number of committees, including Finance and Audit Committees, Boards of Management and other committees as required. These committees are composed of Board members and / or agreed other representation.

The Board has overall responsibility for ensuring that an effective system of internal control is maintained and operated. The Executive has day-to-day responsibility for implementing the system of internal control. This system of internal control is operated based on detailed administrative procedures, segregation of duties, specific authorisation thresholds and regular review by management of reports outlining actual and budgeted results of the various programmes.

Corporate Governance comprises the systems and procedures by which ETBs are directed and controlled. Accordingly, MSLETB is subject to sectoral Codes of Practice for Governance of Education, Training Boards and Circulars as published by the Department of Education & Skills and are implemented by MSLETB as required.

The CE is responsible for the performance of the executive functions of the Board and is accountable to the Board for the performance of such functions. The CE must provide information regarding performance to the Board and to the Minister for Education and Skills as may be required.

MSLETB Code of Conduct for Members of the Board.

Board Members

  • Cllr. Seán Carey (Deputy Chairperson), Mayo County Council
  • Cllr. John Caulfield, Mayo County Council
  • Cllr. Tom Connolly, Mayo County Council
  • Cllr. Christy Hyland, Mayo County Council
  • Cllr. Donna Sheridan, Mayo County Council
  • Cllr. Richard Finn, Mayo County Council
  • Cllr. Rosaleen O’Grady, Sligo County Council
  • Cllr. Arthur Gibbons, Sligo County Council
  • Cllr. Marie Casserly, Sligo County Council
  • Cllr. Mary Bohan (Chairperson), Leitrim County Council
  • Cllr. Paddy O’Rourke, Leitrim County Council
  • Cllr. Enda Stenson, Leitrim County Council
  • Ms. Nicole McGowan, MSLETB Staff Representative
  • Mr. Pat Coffey, MSLETB Staff Representative
  • Mr. John Moran, Parent Representative
  • Ms. Anne Marie McDaniel, Parent Representative
  • Dr. Jennifer Van Aswegen, Disability Federation of Ireland in conjunction with AHEAD
  • Mr. Pat Forde, Youth Work Ireland
  • Mr. Malachy Molloy, Association of Community and Comprehensive Schools
  • Mr. Seamus Kilgannon, Technical Higher Education Association
  • Ms. Pamela Ní Thaidhg, Údarás ns Gaeltachta
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