Staff Recruitment and Professional Development

MSLETB Staff Recruitment and Professional Development

All MSLETB courses are delivered by suitably qualified staff, with either Teaching Council recognition or Train the Trainer certification as appropriate.

Recruitment of staff is managed by the Human Resources Department. National agreements and procedures apply to the various grades/descriptions of all staff in FET delivery and MSLETB applies these to the recruitment of all staff.

To find out more about policies and procedures for MSLETB staff relating to their employment, click here.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

MSLETB is committed to growing as a learning organisation and wishes to ensure that all staff have access to continuing professional development opportunities. This includes enabling staff to enhance their sills, update competencies which exploring modern teaching methods and collaborating with colleagues.

MSLETB has a Staff CPD Policy that provides an opportunity for staff to apply for partial funding to assist them in related professional development programmes. One of the Adult Education Officers takes the lead in CPD rollout for FET.

MSLETB has recently rolled out MS Office 365 to all staff and a number of training sessions have been provided to support its use. In addition, recent CPD initiatives across the FET provision include:

  • Governance for budget holders
  • Technology Enhanced Learning (NFQ Level 7)
  • Leadership Training
  • Literacy and Specific Learning Difficulties (NFQ Level 6)
  • Intensive Irish Language
  • Health and Safety

MSLETB has a staff CPD fund and staff working in the following areas may request supports for further education/training:

  • Maintenance & Support Staff
  • Adult Education Staff
  • Special Needs Assistants and Personal Assistants
  • Clerical and Administration Staff
  • Teaching Staff

Note to staff: Please direct queries to: Training and Development, MSLETB, Quay St., Sligo

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