Quality Assurance Development

MSLETB is committed to the quality assurance of all its FET programmes and this commitment is reflected in MSLETB’s Strategic Statement, in particular Goal 3 – Quality Provision.

These strategic goals are:

  • Goal 1 – Skills for the Economy
  • Goal 2 – Active Inclusion
  • Goal 3 – Quality Provision
  • Goal 4 – Integrated Planning and Funding
  • Goal 5 – Standing of FET
  • Goal 6 – Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)

MSLETB is planning to develop new quality assurance policies and procedures, which will be common to all of its centres and will follow a process outlined below:

Policies and procedures which have been developed collaboratively through ETBI enter at the Internal Consultation stage above.

As new common policies and procedures are developed and approved by the appropriate governance structure, they will be published on this website and will supersede the existing individual policies and procedures which are currently available to each centre.

For revised QA policies and procedures which are common to all MSLETB centres, click here.

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