St. Joseph’s Community College seeks to create an inclusive school community where values, attitudes and behaviours consistent with its Christian ethos are fostered. In partnership with parents and the wider community, it respects individual self-worth and aims to provide a safe environment in which each student may achieve his/her full potential inclusive of spiritual and academic.

St. Joseph’s Community College offers an extensive programme of Junior and Leaving Certificate subjects. The wide range of subjects that we have available gives everyone an opportunity of choosing subjects that suit them best.

A committed and dedicated staff encourages every student to reach his/her full potential in every aspect of school life. In addition, students are encouraged to take as many higher level subjects as possible.

We also take great pride in our sporting and extra-curricular activities, these are very important areas for the development of our students and we hope that they find them to be enjoyable experiences

St Joes School

Contact Details
St. Joseph’s Community College
Co. Mayo
F12 WE19
Telephone 094 92 54211
Email [email protected]
Principal John Killeen
Deputy Principal John Bones


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